Carol Wiley, B.A.C.

A Way Out Program Director of Victim Assistance

Carol Wiley holds a Bachelors of Science in the division of Arts and Sciences with a major in psychology from Crichton College in Memphis, Tennessee. She was graduated Summa Cum Laude. She is certified as a Baccalaureate Addictions Counselor through the National Forensic Counselors/National Board of Addictions Examiners.

Other honors and affiliations include being chosen Crichton’s Most Outstanding Student in the Department of Psychology – 1995; being selected to Who’s Who in American Colleges – 1995; Charter Member of the American Association of Christian Counselors; Member of the National Forensic Counselors Association; Member of The National Association for Addiction Professionals.

Mrs. Wiley’s work experience includes over twenty years counseling in the pastoral arena as well as in private practice, dealing with sexual abuse, sexual addiction, alcohol and drug problems, depression, and relationship addiction.

She is a native of Memphis and lives in the Memphis area with her husband of forty years, Rev. Sam Wiley. They have two sons, Marcus A. Wiley and Sam D. Wiley, Jr. and two grand-daughters, Cayla A. Wiley and Cari N. Wiley.

Carol has been partnered in heart with victim assistance since 1996 as one of the counselors that Carolyn McKenzie, founder of Citizens for Community Values of Memphis trusted to work with most of the girls in the program on an individual basis.
She came on staff in August of 2000 when CCV realized the need for a full-time Director of Victim Assistance to move the services being rendered to the level of a structured program. 

Since coming on staff, Mrs. Wiley has written a structured program for the women in the program and developed a training program for the women who volunteer as mentors for those working the program. In 2001 she adopted a name for the program to better describe its function and purpose. It is now called, “A Way Out” Victim Assistance Program. 

Carol states “The women won my heart in the counseling room as I realized the depth of their brokenness, but when I had the privilege of attending the National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families Sexual Wholeness Conference in San Diego, California in October of 1996, my eyes were opened wide to the malignancy of pornography that is metastasizing in our Nation, city-by-city, town-by-town, home-by-home and life-by-life. Like cancer pornography is no respecter of age, race, I.Q., or socio-economic status. Just as cancer destroys a body one cell at a time, pornography destroys a town or city one person at a time. These precious Victims are worth a strategic intervention.”

Carol strongly believes that one of the first things that have to happen is for people to understand and accept the fact that these special women are victims. She says, “So many only see the present choices and consequences without considering the many factors that influenced their choice to dance in the first place. I spent five years in the role of counselor to about 65% of the women that CCV helped. All of the women I worked with came from very dysfunctional families. Some of their families appeared to be functional because their father was a pastor or a policeman or held some other position of respect in the community, while the real truth was these children were experiencing sexual, mental and/or physical about. These children learned to live double lives very early and were extremely vulnerable to any offers of love and acceptance. They grew physically but not emotionally. The result being you may have a twelve year old in a twenty-five year old body.”

“Many psychological studies show that when a child experiences a traumatic event emotional growth stops at that juncture of his or her developmental stage. These are just a few of the reasons why these young women much be classified as victims. The typical pattern is a child is wounded, her emotional growth stops, she grows physically and mentally and learns to make her world work apart from the genuine understanding of God’s love and grace. She is an open target for the enemy to deceive and destroy. SHE IS A VICTIM.”

“The goal is to give any young woman, regardless of race or religious background, desiring to leave the sexually oriented businesses (SOB’s) an opportunity to receive financial help, job skill and life skill training, counseling, and to have an opportunity to be re-parented by a loving, accepting, safe mentor, who is capable of pointing her to the only true Healer, the Lord Jesus Christ. Everything offered in the “A Way Out” Program is structure with accountability for the woman as she deals with any problems she is having with alcohol, drugs, or any other addictions and is approached from a faith-based perspective.”