All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing!

~ Sir Edmund Burke

CCV has worked diligently with Memphis and Shelby County officials, law enforcement agencies, media outlets, code enforcement officials, concerned citizens, civic and church groups to establish a voice within our community that expresses concern about community and family values. CCV has worked to improve the adult zoning ordinances in our community including a new zone, Neighborhood Commercial, which excludes the sale of adult material. 

CCV worked diligently to lobby the Shelby County Commission which finally adopted the county ordinance in 2007 that brought restrictions and tighter regulations on the former strip clubs in Memphis. That ordinance was found to be constitutional in the federal court system after 5 long years of litigation initiated by the lawyers for the strip clubs; the US Supreme Court in 2014 let stand the findings of rulings of lower level federal courts that upheld the restrictions and limitations on the former strip clubs. CCV lobbied successfully for doors to be removed from peep booths in adult oriented businesses in greater Memphis and CCV was the force behind the Shelby County Public libraries putting internet filters on their computers for the protection of children. CCV was part of a team that traveled the state of Tennessee to speak to mayors and city planners about the negative impact that adult businesses bring to a community. CCV has spoken about the harms that easily available pornography has on children and on the link between pornography and sex trafficking. 

CCV has recently lobbied the Tennessee legislature for new laws that would impose stronger penalties for pimps convicted of sex trafficking as well as for laws that would remove barriers to employment for women emerging from our A Way Out program. CCV endeavors to be a voice in the Memphis community on the evils of pornography and what citizens can attempt to do about it. In a culture that is increasingly impacted negatively by easy access to porn, CCV works to be a voice for decency and the protection of our children and families.  


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