The Mission of CCV:

The mission of Citizens for Community Values (CCV) is to inspire, motivate and mobilize citizens, community leaders and elected officials to take action against sexual exploitation and pornography so that our children and families are protected, victims are rescued and restored, the standard of decency is raised and our quality of life is improved.


CCV actively fights the harmful effects of pornography on several fronts:


  • Public Awareness and Education: Keep the public informed about the availability and harm of exploitive and abusive pornography, particularly in the lives of children.
  • Protection against Media Pornography: Provide information to parents, educational leaders, librarians and business people on how to protect themselves, their children and their employees from published media and internet pornography
  • Legal: Support the enactment and enforcement, within the Constitution, of limitations on pornography. The U. S. Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that child pornography and obscenity (defined as hard-core pornography which lacks significant literary, artistic, political or scientific value) are not protected by the First Amendment.
  • "A Way Out" Victim Assistance Program: This singularly unique program assists women who desire to permanently leave the sex for sale industry (topless clubs and prostitution). Through a number of very practical steps, we provide our clients and their children with counseling, health and dental care, change of residence, enrollment in drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, education and mentoring. Every facet of the program addresses their underlying needs leading to a healthy lifestyle, strong parenting skills, stability, job readiness and productive citizenship.