Citizens for Community Values

Informing the Community • Protecting the Family • Rescuing the Exploited

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Our Mission

The mission of Citizens for Community Values (CCV) is to inspire, motivate and mobilize citizens, community leaders and elected officials to take action against sexual exploitation and pornography so that our children and families are protected, victims are rescued and restored, the standard of decency is raised and our quality of life is improved.


The A Way Out Program

CCV’s A Way Out Program’s mission is to assist any woman desiring to permanently leave sex trafficking by providing the following for each woman: (1) a Godly mentor and support system to allow her to experience God’s grace while seeing it modeled (2) a safe living environment conducive to healing in Christ mentally and emotionally (3) Bible studies to afford her opportunities to learn the truth about God, salvation and life (4) avenues for educational and/or job skill training to equip them to enter the workforce and become productive citizens and (5) individual counseling and recovery classes to help her overcome addictions, learn to mother her children, and learn to have healthy relationships and (6) help with her children’s needs.


Audrey Found  A Way Out

"As a child I was born to a mother who had been diagnosed with cervical cancer and a father who was a career criminal. By the time I was six years old my father was sentenced to three life sentences and my mother passed away when I was eight." 


Fight for Decency

CCV has worked diligently with City and County officials, law enforcement agencies, media outlets, code enforcement officials, concerned citizens, civic and church gropes to establish a voice within our community that cares about community and family values and are willing to achieve that goal. CCV has partnered with other non-profit originations to assist in bringing a better standard of living back to our community. CCV has worked to improve the adult zoning ordinances in our community including a new zone, Neighborhood Commercial, which excludes the sale of adult material.


Your gift will go directly to the things you and CCV believe in. It will allow us to actively continue our fight for decency by exposing and reducing the harms caused by pornography. We will continue to inform parents when pornography rears its ugly head so they can protect their children. And it will allow us to rescue and restore the women caught in the sex-for-sale business through our “A Way Out” Victim Assistance Program.