Any woman who desires to permanently leave a life of exploitation in the sex trafficking industry and her children.

Profile of an AWO Client…

She Lives a Life Filled with Pain and Heartbreak

  • Typically in her late twenties to mid-thirties
  • Most often had early sexual experience
  • Most often had one or more abortions
  • Most have out of wedlock pregnancies
  • Many have several trick babies with no clue as to the father
  • High Majority have serious alcohol and drug issues
  • Educational level ranges from eighth grade to high school
  • Very little work experience
  • Relatively no job skills
  • Limited life skills: Parenting, home making, budgeting, personal health and hygiene, relationships
  • Big debt and bad credit
  • Messy legal history
  • Horrendous driving history
  • Lives beyond means with unrealistic financial expectations
  • Lives by situational ethics
  • Desires instant gratification
  • Embodies hidden scars of childhood sexual/physical abuse
  • Most often comes from a broken home
  • Usually has poor or non-existent father figure
  • Often has a poor or non-protective, non-nurturing mother
  • Distrusts everyone
  • Serious control issues
  • Addiction to lifestyle

She Is (In the Purest Sense) Full of Contradictions

  • Despises men, yet sells herself to them
  • Disrespects men, yet must have one in her life
  • Proud of her body, yet destroys it with alcohol and drugs
  • Regrets the consequences of her lifestyle, yet likes the quick money
  • Lives a shame-based life, yet denies the shame

She Lives a Life Based on Fantasies

  • Often believes the fantasies she invents
  • Believes no one will ever hire her
  • Believes she is in control of her life and her addictions
  • Believes she isn't hurting anyone
  • Believes her sexuality is a commodity she has a right to sell
  • Believes she can help keep sex addicts off the street and thus prevent harm to other women and children
  • Believes she is participating in harmless entertainment
  • Has a distorted view of who God is